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About ScrapMetalGuide.com

An educational blog aimed at making the most money possible by recycling metal.

About Scrap Metal GuideAbout Scrap Metal Guide

My name is Phil and I have over 10 years experience managing small to medium size Scrap Yards and recycling centers.  My goal with this blog is to help educate scrappers of any level, helping them make a better return on their Scrap Metal. Don’t be mistaken, this is not a “Tell All” or a “Stick It To The Man” Blog.  My experience with customers has taught me that most of their expertise and information is rumor based.  Now not every scrapper is completely misguided but accurate information can be hard to come by.  It is my goal to make a resource available based on situations that I have noticed from a Buyers point of view.

Scrap Metal Tips

Over time we will discuss various tips and strategies to help freelance scrappers find success.  Much of what we will discuss involves the ability to negotiate.  The most important tip that I have to offer is KNOW YOUR BUSINESS.  As I mentioned above, many scrappers learn from rumors and hearsay.  The power to negotiate is directly linked to how serious you are taken by the other party.  To be taken seriously you MUST have a strong knowledge of material and Scrap Yard procedures.  As a manager I was often approached by new customers who were trying to “impress” me in order to earn credibility.  Granted this approach has worked for some customers.  I have been blown away by the knowledge that some customers possess.  On the other hand the majority of the time this approach backfires.  Simply put you can not have a technical discussion with a professional based on what you think you know.

Scrap Metal Success

My goal is to help scrappers combine their past selling knowledge with my buying knowledge.  This combination will surely result in more profit and Scrap Metal Success.