Cashing in on Scrap and Junk Cars

Scrap Cars and profits

The world of Scrap and Junk cars varies drastically based on what you have invested or intend on getting paid.  Most people find themselves driving their vehicles until “the wheels fall off”.  For the serious scrappers out there,  we have  more of a financial interest in Scrap cars.  Just like anything, more effort will result in more money.  Today’s Scrap Metal Tips will help maximize your profits or returns at the scrap yard.

We Buy Junk Cars

For the casual car owner just looking to have their old Scrap Car removed there is a quick hands free option.  There is no shortage of companies and people that will pay for your Junk Cars and in most cases even pick them upMy suggestions if you fit this criteria are:
Call around– Not necessarily looking for a huge profit doesn’t mean that you    should be short-changed in any way.
Get Details–  Some companies have different requirements (Keys, fluids drained, title).  Find the best fit for your situation.
Deliver what was promised–  If you receive a quote for your Junk or Scrap Car in a certain condition, make sure that you leave it that way.  Do not agree on a price for a complete car, schedule a pick up then remove parts (Cat converter, rims, ect).

DIY for Maximum Profit

The following tips are for the scrappers that are able to deliver a  Scrap Car yourself.  As always call around to your local scrap yards and compare quotes.  Normally a complete car will bring 1-3 cents per pound more than normal shred steel.  After you decide on a yard to sell to make sure that you understand and fulfill their buying requirements (title, car prep).  In North Carolina a car more than 10 years old does not require a title.  If you are experimenting with buying and selling a Scrap Car always verify ownership.  When you sell to a scrap yard the VIN numbers will be ran through the Highway Department to verify it hasn’t been reported stolen.

 Simple upgrades

Remove the battery–  Required by most scrap yards.  Lead batteries bring 2-3 times the price of steel.  Generally you should be paid $10-$15 for a normal Scrap Car battery.

Scrap Car catalytic-converterCatalytic converter (NOT Cadillac convertible)  Converters come in a large variety of sizes and price ranges ($10-$300).  In most cases the converter can be removed with just a sawzall.  Keep in mind that there are often Pre Cats attached to the manifold.  Removing the pre’s can be more of a challenge but still worth the effort.


Scrap Car aluminum-wheels
Must be free of rubber and valve stem to receive full price.

Aluminum Rims– A Clean Aluminum Rim generally weighs in the 20 lb. range and sell in the ball park of .70/ lb.  Most yards that will take a Scrap Car will allow you to remove the tires on site.  Keep in mind that Aluminum rims and Chrome rims are paid differently.  Chrome rims can pay as much as .20/ lb less than Aluminum rims.  In some cases you might be better off selling Chrome After market rims on Craigslist.

Scrap Car Copper Auto RadsCopper Radiator– Also refereed to as Auto Rads.  Copper Radiators are a dying breed.  Found mostly in older Scrap Cars and trucks, a clean Auto Rad will sell in the $1.25-$1.75/ lb. area.  In order to sell Auto Rads as clean ALL steel MUST be removed.  Generally the steel fixtures are soldered on and can be removed with a propane torch and pair of vice grips.

Long term profits

There are still a few simple upgrades left.  These upgrades are better left for Scrappers that plan on selling multiple Scrap Cars over time.

Scrap Car Alternators Cores– Starters, Alternators and AC Compressors.   All priced differently but still 3 times the price of steel.  Cores are a nice item to pile up until your ready for one big payday.  Also contacting local your core buyers is an excellent way to maximize your profits.  Core buyers are normally a good way to sell your converters and even your batteries.

Scrap car wire harnessHarness Wire–  With only about 5-10 lbs. on each Scrap Car, it may not be worth your time to sell with  every trip to the scrap yard.  With Harness Wire selling close to $1.00/ lb. saving up 200-300 pounds could leave you a happy scrapper.

Even more profits

There are still different ways to make more profit from your Scrap Car.  Stay connected for future tips and methods by signing up to receive notices about future Blogs.  If you have more detailed questions or recommendations please leave a comment and I will address it ASAP.